The Sleepiness eater "NEMUKEPERORI"

 On May the 5th, We played "Nemukeperori" the sleepiness eater at the FM chappy, Radio studio. This story is about three brothers who wants to play all day and night long. They  wanted to give away their sleepiness and embark on adventure to the deep in forest and there they meet…!

These 22pieces of picture card show was done by a Japanese cartoonist “Mr. Tsutomu Fujikawa”. His pictures are so very colorful and catchy for kids and we always love to show this picture card show to kids.In Japan, May the 5th is set as a boys day and also it is within golden-week that is quite long holiday in Japan. In Such day, we expected many kids around studio. 


Mr. Tsutomu Fujikawa has his original Stamp for Line. Please take a look below web site. The character is named as “Chinskou man”. Chinskou is like a shortbread, famous as a typical cookie in Okinawa region. Okinawa is stuated southourn part of Japan and its known for beautiful scenery with sorrounded nice beaches. Very pupular destination for vacation.


Chinskou man Stamps



DJ Blog from yesterday’s broadcasting is here, written in Japanse by Ms Machi Katsuragi, who is DJ for the radio program we appear on every month.


DJ Blog by Ms Machi Katsuragi


Now you can purchase my first book “Takaramono” through the Internet, Amazon. It is a paperback book and written only in Japaese.


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The picture was drawn by Ms Ai Amano who is very talented illustrator in Tokorozawa.

Pleae let me introduce her blog blow.


Have a great day!